Haman’s tree is where the great celebration and mourning converge. A symbol of jewish resilience - the tree at which Haman was supposedly hang - turns into the sight of a strange and queer ritual. Purim, the  Festival of theatre, crossdressing, survival and joy, becomes the backdrop behind wich we reconsider the meaning of survial, rituals of mourning and celebration in times of crisis. 

Haman’s tree is a collection of songs and arrangements for violin, voice, piano, objects and electronics written for and with violinist Mayah Kadish and Sara Cubarsi. It forms a continuously growing archive of  works  based on yiddish protest songs, lullabies and jewish litirgical music. As part of a working stipend by the Hessische Kultur Stiftung, the song cycle was devised in Frankfurt am Main and Forrano, Italy in winter 2021/2022. The  work cycle will be premiered by Mayah Kadish at  the Mareterra Festival in Puglia and will feature on Mayah Kadish’s debut album to be released via zeitgeist online gallery in autumn 2022. 

I. Yankele
II. Kinderyuren
III. For threads of what to give
IV. Zog nisch keynmol
V. the strings as they perceive 
VI. nine circles

Premiere Performance

12 May - Mareterra Festival, Puglia 

Further Performances

26 August 2022 - Schloss Bröllin

27 September - Loft Cologne 

14 November 2022 - IKLECTIK Art Lab, London

Gefördert im Rahmen des Kulturförderprogramms „Hessen kulturell neu eröffnen“