We have five minutes to sing about that one time when our hearts were eaten by the bulls and hung down the beautiful Joshua Trees in the desert of Landers, California. We had a dance, tried to make sense of moon juice and chest hair and pressed it all into a song.
SONG/ Jew Cactus Saxophone or reflections on the book of numbers is the second item of a series of short choreographies for two musicians, conceived during the first shower in Los Angeles, after staying in the desert. Joshua Trees are slightly awkward looking creatures living in the desert in California, who can't quite decide whether they are palm trees, tree trees or humans.

"The skeptical question Mah hi? - What is it? - gives its name to the manna, the bread from heaven, that feeds the people through the wilderness. "Man hu - What is it?" the people ask, for they did not know what it was" Moses answers: It is God's gift of bread." But it is the question, and not the answer, that names the unknowable substance. This manna, this "What-stuff", remains enigmatic - it may be a source of sensual variety and pleasure, but at the same time it remains ungratifying, imaginatevly indigestible."
- Aviva Gottlieb Zornberg in "Bewilderments - Reflections on the Book of Numbers"

for Bass Clarinet and Percussion
comissioned by Listenpony Ltd. for the NAS Duo
First Performance by the NAS Duo at the Crypt on the Green, London February 2017

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