This is all there is. Nothing new under the sun. In the forest by the lake, there grew daisies, small, pathetic daisies. We did not dream any of this. These are not our oldest memories. Seven years ago, I remember my mother was standing next to me. The magical turtle didn't say anything. We play on its tortoise shell, and can not remember what happened in the first place. There were concentration camps yes, and candy shops, make up and a swing and my grandmother in Buchenwald and magnolia (or almond?) petals were raining down at the exact point of the fingerboard and scissors under sheets, at one point i swapped violins with my sister, but we can not remember any of it. And when I tried to tell you the story of the Lo-Shu square, you were him, there was glitter on his shoulder and the three of us climbed up the grassy moss wall.

tableau vivant is an ongoing exercise in remembering, re-enacting and becoming a fabric woven out of our collective dream-memories and an intuition to understand the amalgam of time, memory and space as an inherently musical substance. The composer's score, similar to the scene, becomes the continuously evolving, living tableau itself, an at once static and fluid matrix. The space in return becomes a score in its own right, inscribed by the performers’ bodies.

Music theatre for two violinists, live-video, electronics and objects
With texts by The Pointer Sisters, T.S. Eliot, Recon Gay Fetish App, Wikipedia, Sara Cubarsi, Mayah Kadish and Elischa Kaminer
Duration: ca. 60 min
First performed by Mayah Kadish and Sara Cubarsi at the Roy O. Disney Hall, Los Angeles